160 years of Barstow Family in Manchester

Bastow and Barstow Family history (South Lancs, England)

These pages contain our family history dating from the mid 1700's in South Lancashire and Manchester.
Descendants of which can be found all over the world from America, Canada to Australia, New Zealand and even Yorkshire!

Here is My Family Tree as html. If you've found yourself or someone you know on it, send me an email - corrections welcome!

In the meantime, here are the Bairstow/Barstow/Bastow IGI indices for England (zip file, May 2002 800kb).

And here are GRO Barstow Births, Marriages and Deaths for England and Wales 1837-1980 (Incomplete).

For family historians, some top links for research websites (some are Manchester / Ashton specific)

CheshireBMD - Cheshire Birth, Marriage and Death record indices - covering Tameside.

FreeBMD - England and Wales GRO records on the internet 1837 - 1983 indices images and transcriptions.

GRO Scotland - Scottish GRO record indexes on the internet. 20p per index search page, £1 per image record page.

IGI from the Mormons - Don't be shy, they won't try to sign you up!

GENUKI - genealogy, UK, England, Ireland,

1881 Census for Great Britain online.

1901 Census for England and Wales (PRO) plus a very useful PageID converter web page or 1901 Census Extractor / GuessTimator v4.0.2 for folio Interpretation (Leeds Indexers) or the 1901 England & Wales Census Decoder

Tameside MBC are recognised pioneers in e-government. For example, take a look at the cemeteries online grave search.
An Audenshaw Cemetery plan is (Cemetery Road, M34 5AH ) available from me here, and Google maps aerial view for comparison
or the online photo repository at the local studies library.

 Here is a list, with smtp addresses of good and not so good Superintendent Registrars and General Registrars in England and other parts of the world.

And for those interested in the contemporary registration system, Handbook for Registration Officers Births and Deaths for England and Wales (PDF, scanned) plus other SR operational information

Audenshaw Local History Society, or try an have a glance at my Audenshaw images For all those who remember the 70's phase III improvement scheme (Slum clearance) and earlier - all that's missing is the smell of brick dust!

Or follow this link if you want to know about Hooley Hill railway station.

Daves guide on how to trace living people for Family history (also applicable for identity theft) in England.

Myths, mysteries and legends

The family ledged of Unlce Alf Eastwood uncovered.

Or look at the Barstow Siamese twin mystery web page.

Family Occupations

Perhaps the only decent thing to come out of Stockport is the Hat Works Museum which is at the bottom of the massive town centre chimney on Wellington road. You can learn about the Hatting process and such terms as Planking, both manual and industrialised.

  For those not employed locally in Hatting or Cotton spinning/weaving, then the railway engineering companies of Beyer Peacock or next door at Gorton Tank proved poplar employers in Manchester.

Can you help me?

 I am currently trying to locate descendants or Information regarding Annie Florence Davis (Barstow/Hallewell) who married Henry Williamson (linked to Hamilton or Brantford Ontario Canada or South Africa - issue Hannah Williamson married Henry Reavette - had a daugter Delores Reavette and lived in Michigan, USA). Also her sister Elsie Maud Barstow 'aunt Maud' (married Thomas Evans) and died in Sydney, Australia. Frederick Charles Barstow and his wife Jane Helen Gow who died in Bristol in the 1950's. Their Daughter Lillian, married Joseph Howard Barker, Ontario, February 1928 (Hamilton, Wentworth). The Davis - Barstow branch of the family emigrated to Canada after 1912 but the majority came back by the end of the 1st world war, if not before.

If thats too taxing, take a quick look to see if you can see one of your relatives outside the Railway Inn (The Boundary), Guide Bridge 100 years ago or identify the mystery girl here.

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Last updated 03 September 2017

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