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Hello! After many long years of presence on the internet, this site has reached end-of-life and
is up for redevelopment as part of the web 2.0 slum clearance.
Since there is no chance of listed status, this site will be torn down later in the summer.
Don't worry, the old site will be preserved in the Internet museum.

Anyway I'll leave you with a picture of me after hearing of my Million pound pools win
(which I've now spent, if I ever had one that is).


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  • Bastow and Barstow Family history (South Lancashire & Manchester) and some Audenshaw, Tameside Local history.

  • My Facebook profile page from facebook.com ;-) .

  • The Chameleons Biography WWW page.

  • "That which does not suck" - Some cool sites I've found.

    James H Reeve JamesUn-official home page.

    Scrawn and Lard quality items for sale

    Oh yeessss

  • Mark Radcliffe Tapes and Vidoes avliable from the radio programme and TV spanning at least 3 years

  • Read the God FAQ here, or the equivalent for Physicists, where does hydrogen come from ?

  • Free web and email tools

  • Email address generator - My online web tool generates a list of email addresses from an individuals name. Useful for Phisihing or getting random friend adds on social netwokring sites such as facebook using the contact importer.

  • Linux top tips

  • How to connect Linux wpa_supplicant to a Virgin Media wifi hotsopts (WPA enterprise wireless network) with MSCHAPV2
  • (now obsolete due to service withdrawal).

    Open sauce phones and tablets - Google Android help from Dave

  • How to connect your Android device to a WPA enterprise wireless network secured with Certificates & FreeRadius - My guide to connecting a confectionery based Linux droid phone or tablet to a WPA/WPA2 wireless network access point authenticated with SSL certificates.
  • Running VPN's on Android 4.1.1 tablets which lack tun.ko - how to bulild & compile tun.ko for android 4.1.1 (ICS) on rk3018 (rock chip rk3066) kernel 3.0.8+ SMP preempt mod_unload ARMv7.

  • Net Nostalgia

    Dust off those newsgroups and be enthralled for at least 15 seconds by my first recorded newsgroup posting, back in the days when the internet was in black and white preserved for all eternity (well till about 2034 anyway).

    Salmon Days

    Resurrected from salmondays.tv, a truly brilliant spin-off of The Register in 2001,
    here is episode 1 Trailer and 2 episode 2 Prawnikova. Thanks to remotefilms.

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