List of good and Bad Superintendent registrars in England (2001-2002) with email contact details.
Office  Email address Comments
Unpleasant, unhelpful. Useless. Crap website
Tameside tameside.registrars_*AT*
Very helpful and speedy service but I fear we have Harold Shipman to thank for this though
Manchester register-office_*AT* Always complete inquires in a reasonale amount of time
Kirkless Huddersfield Not sure if they know what email is! Refuse to produce or contribute to BMD indices
Lancs County Council Sandra.Culshaw_*AT* Prompt and helpful
Liverpool Suspect they are over worked and
will evade effot without recompense
Salford Carol.Ashworth_*AT* Quite helpful. No email address on website
Wigan registeroffice_*AT* Takes time but quite helpful in the end.
Teeside / Middlesbrough Register_*AT* Helpful
Trafford registrars_*AT* Helpful
Isle of Wight Registrars_*AT* Quite prompt
Blackpool and Fylde registrars.bdm_*AT* Prompt but verify exactly as requested!
Colchester LA Registry Office Colchester.RO_*AT* Not sure they are actually in the registration business?

Other places around the world local goverment offices and Civil registration
Location  Email address Comments
GRO Scotland, Edinburgh, Depty registrar, Head of registration
GRO Scotland, Edinburgh Head of Records Enterprise / Scotlands People
Scotland's People (Scotland online) Free credits for
Ontario Canada Office of the Registrar General Canadian Law is a nightmare!
New South Wales, Austratia Registry Maureen_Free_*AT*

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