Scottish Registrar General Index records

Currently, only provides indexes and records up to the past 100 years or so.
Websites such as and provide BMD indexes for England and Wales online upto the present day. If you would like access to Scottish GRO BMD Indexes, please email your request to or

In addition, you can also ask them why Scottish BMD records are the only ones missing from

Last updated 27 May 2007

idx: Aberdeen,Adshead, ancestors, Arandale, Arundel, Arundale, Arunndale, Arrundale, Ashton, Audenshaw, Barstow, Bastow, Canada, Cattle Spicer, Cheshire, Denton, Dragoons, Droylesden,Dumbarton,England, Felt Hats, genealogy, generations, Great Britain, Hamilton, hater, hatter, hatting, hating, Hooley Hill, Johnston, Journeyman, Lancashire, Manchester,McNeill,McMillan, Middleton, Planking, Records, Rhodes, Scotland, Tameside, Wilsmlow, UK