Stiffs R us - Dead celebs for 2023 - Celebrating 26 years of dead celebrities on the net

Patricia Hayes - Surely she can't go on forever

James H Reeve 1996

Lisa Marie Presley

Sylvia Syms

Pervez Musharraf

Burt Bacharach

Dickie Davies

Bernard Ingham

Tom Pendry

Betty Boothroyd

Mystic Meg

Gordon Moore

Paul O'Grady

Nigel Lawson

Mary Quant

Barry Humphries

Len Goodman

Jerry Springer

Rolf Harris

Tina Turner

Silvio Berlusconi

Glenda Jackson

Tony Bennett

Sinead O'Connor

Michael Parkinson

Mohamed Al Fayed

Mike Yarwood

Roger Whittaker

David McCallum

Michael Gambon

Franny Lee

Haydn Gwynne

Bobby Charlton

Matthew Perry

Terry Venables

Henry Kissinger

Shane MacGowan

Alistair Darling

Brigit Forsyth

Benjamin Zephaniah

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